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2019.02.07 06:40:19

paraprotex Vitamins and mineral components are necessary parts of the diet of each creature. They are necessary for the functioning of virtually each system within the physical body. Among different things, they regulate the metabolism, have an effect on the immune system, the hormonal system. Contemporary ways of feeding youngsters and young people leave much to be desired. Lack of proper physical activity, with excessive consumption of victuals, results in excessive blubber of youngsters and adolescents, as well as excessive morbidity associated with this case in many diseases of civilization. These are usually diseases typical of adults, like coronary artery disease and polygenic disorder. At the same time, doctors warn that with the surplus of energy components causing obesity of kids and adolescents, there is a very high shortage of parts necessary for the right functioning of the organism in a very state of growth. Most frequently in a large deficiency there are minerals and vitamins. It's these substances that are most frequently lacking in the daily diet of adolescents. The biggest dietary error is consumption not only nutriment, but also dishes from highly processed ingredients like breadstuff and too many dishes rich in easy sugars. Not only are they not rich in valuable nutritionary values, but especially they cause numerous disorders of the system. On the plates of kids and teenagers, there are rarely now dishes wealthy in vitamins and valuable parts, it is also price buying calcium magnesium plus. Extremely rare in small children is also a large supermolecule deficiency, which at the time of intensive growth is a vital building material for the tissues of the form. Thus, there are frequent pain within the muscles and joints, which are most frequently related to too rapid growth of bone tissue and the synchronal lack of nutrients necessary for the right functioning of this method. The most element that's missing for youngsters and adolescents is protein. It occurs not only in meat however additionally in plant foods like legumes (soybeans, beans). It is conjointly necessary to consume an oversized quantity of products wealthy in essential vitamins and different elements.

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